Guatemala - Finca La Perla


Species: Arabica

Preparation: washed

Tasting notes: pleasant sweet profile, milk chocolate, tropical fruit

Roast: dark

Brewing: Portafilter; Bean-to-Cup; Moka Pot; Filter; Aeropress; French Press

Beans or ground?
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Finca La Perla is a remote farm in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, in the province of Quiché. The farm was founded in 1895 by the Arenas family and is currently managed by Ricardo Arenas and his nephew. Of the farm’s total area of 1,483 hectares, 15% is planted with coffee while the remainder is comprised of forest reserves of native trees and plants. Coffees from Finca La Perla, regularly win the “Cup of Excellence, Guatemala” competition, placing them as some of the best in the world.

Quiche, an area famous for the strength of its indigenous Mayan culture, was one of the most affected regions during the Guatemalan Civil War. Since then, the Arenas brothers have remained active in the movement for social and economic development for workers in Guatemala. They support neighbouring towns through health and social projects and implementing environments favourable to free enterprise in the region.