Brazil, Bela Época - Organic


Species: Arabica

Preparation: natural

Tasting notes: a mild cup with balanced body, almond notes

Roast: dark

Brewing: Portafilter; Bean-to-Cup; Moka Pot; Filter; Aeropress; French Press

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Located in Alta Mogiana, Fazenda Bela Época has been growing various coffee varieties for more than 80 years, spanning three generations of the coffee-loving Cunha family. The farm benefits from fertile soil and a favourable microclimate with rainy summers and dry winters. It runs its own wet and dry mills and cultivates shade-grown coffee. This form of cultivation slows down the ripening process, thus allowing natural sugars to increase, ultimately intensifying the coffee‘s sweetness.

The highest quality and traceability standards are the top priority for Fazenda Bela Época. The Cunha family are particularly committed to the well-being of their workers and the preservation of natural resources.