Colombia - Huila


Species: Arabica

Preparation: washed

Tasting notes: fresh and fruity, green grapes, black cherries

Roast: dark

Brewing: perfect for Cafetiere; Filter; Moka Pot

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The Department of Huila, located in the southwest of the country in the Colombian Massif produces nearly 20% of Colombia’s coffee. At elevations between 1,200 and 2,000m above sea level, much of the coffee is produced by smallholders. The high altitude and moist climate are not just highly productive, they also give rise to some of the best quality coffee in the country. Our offer, produced organically, is no exception.

The department also focuses on sustainability, with the development of ‘Plan Huila 2050’. This programme encompasses water management and the protection of forests and biodiversity. Much of the coffee is grown tree-shaded or partially shaded areas.