Papua New Guinea, Sigri A


Species: Arabica

Varietal: Typica

Preparation: washed

Tasting notes: smooth, tropical fruit notes

Roast: dark

Brewing: Portafilter espresso machines; Bean-to-Cup machines; Moka Pot; French Press; Aeropress; Filter

Beans or ground?
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The Sigri farm comprises 122ha located in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, at an altitude of 1,600 metres above sea level in the Waghi Valley. All plantings are Arabica, concentrating on the Typica varietals which originate from the Jamaica Blue Mountain Typica. The coffee plants thrive in the volcanic soil: the climate is warm and humid with an average annual rainfall of 2,000mm to 2,500mm.

Strict rules on fauna protection have been implemented on the Sigri Estate in order to create a sanctuary for endangered species under threat.

The farm management supports social concerns such as community activities, schools, churches and medical facilities. They undertake road and bridge maintenance for the use of the community and have founded several elementary schools. Moreover, a Community Relations Officer has been appointed to be involved in projects that enhance women's status in the community to promote gender equality.