A Taste of Africa

Two of the finest products of tropical Africa united! A delicious combination of 68% Grand Cru Couverture chocolate from Madagascar with dark-roasted whole Arabica coffee beans from Nyeri, Kenya.

The intense, rich cacao flavour is characterized by a unique fruit bouquet of blonde orange, cassis, lime and a hint of grapefruit. The refreshing and multi-layered fruit notes set this Grand Cru Couverture apart from others and are complemented by the sweet tomato and blackcurrant notes of the Nyeri coffee beans, which also provide a satisfying crunch! 

80g bar

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This Sambirano cacao comes from the northwest of Madagascar, specifically from the catchment area of ​​the river Sambirano, which flows into the Mozambique Channel. The cacao is produced by the Small Farmers' Association "Mevosa" with membership of around 50 families cultivating both vanilla and cacao. The cacao is normally harvested between November and December.

Kenya combines a rich volcanic soil, high altitudes and an equatorial climate to produce distinctive, fruity, full-bodied coffees. Although plantations produce a significant proportion of the Kenyan crop, 70% of the coffee is produced by smallholder farmers working in cooperatives. Nyeri, based in the Central Highlands of Kenya on the southwestern flank of Mount Kenya produces some of the best coffee in the country, and this is certainly one of our favourites.

Ingredients/ Allergy Information

Chocolate (Felchlin): cacao seeds, sugar, cacao butter, vanilla (Madagascar). Minimum 68% cacao.

Can contain traces of MILK (including LACTOSE), ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS.

Coffee Beans (Bean Goose Coffee): Kenya Nyeri AA+, whole 100% Arabica beans.

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