Aeropress® Go™


The Aeropress Go includes:

  • Chamber/ Plunger/ Filter cap
  • Mug (440ml) with Lid
  • Filter holder
  • Filters (350)
  • Scoop
  • Stirrer

All the accessories fit inside the mug for travelling

A great pairing with the Hario Mini-Slim+ portable grinder!

Tax included

First introduced in the USA in 2005 as a new approach to coffee brewing, the Aeropress has become increasingly popular with coffee enthusiasts around the world. The Aeropress Go is the latest development of the method: it is light and portable, with the Aeropress, filters and accessories fitting into a 440ml mug with lid. The Aeropress is a fast (less than two minutes), simple brewing method and the equipment is easy to use and clean (and is dishwasher safe). The compostable filters can be rinsed and re-used several times before disposal.

The Aeropress can be considered as somewhere between a Filter method and a French Press. The coffee steeps in the water for a short time and is then forced through the filter by the application of light pressure. The cup is well-extracted, with a low level of suspended solids. Just about all of our coffees are suitable for brewing with the Aeropress. The Aeropress can also be used to prepare Cold Brew.

The brewing methods – Upright, Inverted and Cold Brew – are provided on the Brewing page.