Shipping: for deliveries within Switzerland we make a flat charge of CHF7.00 per order, irrespective of quantity. Our website only accepts orders within Switzerland at the moment, so if you would like to receive your Bean Goose Coffee in another country, please contact us via

Please allow one week for delivery - we carry little stock of roasted coffee, to maximise freshness, so shipment depends on our roast schedule (once or twice per week) and the mail (B-Post takes two days within Switzerland).


  • The Aeropress Go includes:

    • Chamber/ Plunger/ Filter cap
    • Mug (440ml) with Lid
    • Filter holder
    • Filters (350)
    • Scoop
    • Stirrer

    All the accessories fit inside the mug for travelling

    A great pairing with the Hario Mini-Slim+ portable grinder!

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  • The Hario Mini-Slim+ is a compact ceramic burr hand grinder. The use of conical ceramic burrs provides a more consistent grind than a blade grinder. The grind can easily be adjusted using the grind adjustment nut.  The mill’s robust construction makes it suitable for travel use and a perfect accompaniment to the Aeropress Go

    Size: W150×D72×H220mm

    Capacity: 24g coffee

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  • You can of course order the Aeropress Go coffeemaker and the Hario Mini-Slim grinder from us as individual items, but until 24th December we are offering them together in this gift set, which includes a free 250g bag of Peru Cajamarca organic coffee.

    You can now enjoy your speciality coffee wherever you go: freshly roasted – freshly ground – freshly brewed.

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