Shipping: for deliveries within Switzerland we make a flat charge of CHF7.00 per order, irrespective of quantity. Our website only accepts orders within Switzerland at the moment, so if you would like to receive your Bean Goose Coffee in another country, please contact us via

Please allow one week for delivery - we carry little stock of roasted coffee, to maximise freshness, so shipment depends on our roast schedule (once or twice per week) and the mail (B-Post takes two days within Switzerland).


  • The Aeropress Go includes:

    • Chamber/ Plunger/ Filter cap
    • Mug (440ml) with Lid
    • Filter holder
    • Filters (350)
    • Scoop
    • Stirrer

    All the accessories fit inside the mug for travelling

    A great pairing with the Hario Mini-Slim+ portable grinder!

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  • Hario Mini-Slim+


    The Hario Mini-Slim+ is a compact ceramic burr hand grinder. The use of conical ceramic burrs provides a more consistent grind than a blade grinder. The grind can easily be adjusted using the grind adjustment nut.  The mill’s robust construction makes it suitable for travel use and a perfect accompaniment to the Aeropress Go

    Size: W150×D72×H220mm

    Capacity: 24g coffee

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    • For home baristas or cooks
    • Grey/ beige
    • Printed with the Bean Goose Coffee logo
    • These aprons are made from 200 g/m² recycled cotton and recycled polyester
    • The material is produced from textile factory waste that arises from the cutting process
    • Two front pockets
    • One size fits all: 45 x 20 cm with a 1 metre tape, 55 cm neck band
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  • Pack of 350 replacement Micro-Filters for the AeroPress Go or standard AeroPress. Biodegradable/ compostable

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  • A pack of 100 filters suitable for the Hario V60 Dripper 01

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  • The Hario Tea Maker offers an easy and effective way to make a single cup of tea at home or at work.

    Add your favourite loose leaves into the mesh filter, then pour hot water and brew for a few minutes (see the tea packet for guidelines). 

    Remove the filter from the cup once the tea has brewed. The filter can then be placed on the inverted lid to prevent drips.

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  • This Dripper is suitable for brewing a single cup of filter coffee, directly into a mug or the Hario Insulated Tumbler. The Dripper uses the Hario V60 filter, size 01.

    The Hario Insulated Tumbler and the V60 01 filters are also available through this Webshop.

    Place the opened paper filter in the Dripper and rinse with 20ml of hot water. Sit the Dripper on the Tumbler and use the scoop provided to place ground coffee into the Dripper (one level scoop full). Pour water at 96C on to the coffee grounds. Once all the water has dripped through, the coffee is ready to drink.

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  • This attractive insulated tumbler will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for an extended period.

    The double-walled body is textured for extra grip and a modern look.

    Remove the lid to make pour-over coffee directly into the tumbler using the Hario V60 Dripper 01 and filters (also available from this Webshop). 

    The removable lid features a spill prevention slide lock for travel.

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